Migration and Gender

WIDE+ resources at chronological order:


Webinar: Ending Trafficking and Violence against Women and Girls in the Context of Global Migration, 10 June 2021, organized by Atina in the context of a collective WIDE+ project.

Two New Publications available in English from RED Latinas’ activities in 2020 to promote the resistance of migrant women, in the context of a collective WIDE+ project, made available July 2021. This includes information about two international and national webinars RED Latinas organized on COVID-19: Structural Violence against and Resistance of Migrant Women in Spain and Europe.

WIDE+ and Creación Positiva’s Recommendations for the Legislative Report on Combating Gender-based Cyberviolence, Jun 2021, public letter to the European Parliament shadow rapporteurs.

Video available of Webinar: “Tackling Online Gender-based Violence through EU Laws and Policies”, 25 February 2021, organized by WIDE+.

Online WIDE+ Workshop: “Digital Security for Women’s Rights Organisations & Activists”, (ENG, ESP) organized by the WIDE+ migration and gender working group. Resources from this workshop are available here.



New publication available: Strengthening Innovative Solutions to Protect Female Migrant and Refugee Rights: Download: WIDEOSFmigrationpub2020

This new publication provides innovative solutions and lessons learned from a transnational collaboration among national migrant feminist associations and groups across Europe. It provides inspirational and relevant examples of practices we have encountered and good practice we have developed in our joint project of migrant feminists and other feminists. The reports shows how it is possible to promote and protect the rights of migrant women, which includes refugee, undocumented and other women that have been on the move between countries.


Factsheet on Migrant Women Rights for the European and Central Asian CSO review of Beijing+25

WIDE+ Migration Working Group co-chaired the preparatory work on promoting female migrant, refugee, etc. rights for the Women’s Civil Society Forum of the UNECE, the UN Europe and Central Asian states, review of the Beijing+25, and Sustainable Development Goals+5. The Civil Society Forum took place on 28 October 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland.

We need states to address attacks of ultra-right and institutional racism migrant women face, at UNECE State Forum reviewing Beijing+25, October 2019“, statement by WIDE+ representative


Webinar Recording Available: “A Feminist view on projects to integrate migrant and refugee Women in European Economies”, April 2019, https://wp.me/p2KSLS-1az

Listen to the Webinar Recording: “Counter Voices of migrant (undocumented and refugee) women against neo-right populism and other threats” organized by WIDE+, members and partners, March 2019, https://buff.ly/2KN37fz. You can also read the blog about the presentation by Alyna Smith at PICUM on what needs to happen to improve the rights for female undocumented women, such as the installation of a “firewall”, a mechanism for undocumented people to access public services without involvement of immigration enforcement. https://buff.ly/2PhcIcR

Listen to the Webinar Recording: “Women’s Agency tackling Violence against migrant and refugee Women”, organized by WIDE+, February 2019 https://buff.ly/2Xna6gt.

Reports of four national workshops organized in the context of a collective WIDE+ project:

Other resources in the context of a collective WIDE+ project:

Feminist Literacy project: ‘Feminist approaches to Gender, Migration, and Democracy’ 2016-2018

In this two year project is manged by WIDE+ members: WIDE Austria (project leader), CEIM (Spain), Le Monde selon les Femmes (Belgium), GADIP (Sweden) and Karat Coalition (Poland). The project consists of 4 transnational partnership meetings to exchange with and learn from local organizations. This included a meeting and public session in the European Parliament during the week of International Women’s Day in Brussels, Belgium, in 2018, on the topics: ‘Migration, care and economic alternatives from a gender perspective‘and ‘Open societies within a fortress? Gender, migration and security discourses in Europe’.

Final publication ‘The Europe we want: Gender, Migration and Democracy’


European Capacity Building and Advocacy Meeting, 2016
WIDE+ co-organized with EWL (European Women Lobby) the Open Space Session: “to analyze, strategize, and (re)claim rights of female Refugees and Migrants” with the support of Open Society Foundations. The Session was part of a two day capacity building event WIDE+ co-organized with the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) on 14 and 15 November 2016, in Amazone, Brussels, Belgium. Report: wideopenspace_migration2016_report

Panel at International Feminist Conference, 2016
The International conference “Movements, Borders, Rights? Feminist Perspectives on global issues in Europe”, on 24 and 25 October, 2016, Brussels, Belgium, that brought together almost 200 women’s rights activists, experts, civil servants and CSO representatives, offered a key Panel: “ Migration and women’s rights: When refugees cross borders to Europe and within Europe – old reflexes, new fences”, co-organized by WIDE+ WG members: Report: https://wideplus.org/conference-2016/conference-2016-panel-2/

Advocacy Letter to promote Women Refugee Rights, 2016
In April 2016, WIDE+ proposed measures to improve situation of women refugees in Europe and Turkey in a public letter to UNCHR and UN Women as well as the Danish Government. https://wideplus.org/2016/04/17/wide-proposes-measures-to-improve-situation-of-women-refugees-in-europe-and-turkey/

Picture by @Marga RH, for one of our publications.


WIDE Annual Conference 2010 Report ‘Migration, women rights and globalisation’

Women from all corners of the globe including many representatives from European migrant women associations came together at the WIDE conference to share and reflect on this open question of migrant women´s human rights at risk, compelling us to rethink, expose and denounce the architecture of policy-making in Europe (and globally), and to explore the links between decisions taken at a global level and the impact they have on the ground. Download: AC2010ReportFinal.

Women’s Labour Migration in the Context of Globalisation, published 2010

The report Women’s labour migration in the context of globalisation offers an introduction to important contemporary political analysis on the influence of globalisation on women´s work, mobility and empowerment. Authors of the report Anja K. Franck and Andrea Spehar explain how globalisation shapes women´s labour migration. Download: full report. Executive summary of this study is available in EnglishFrench, SpanishGerman and Russian.

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