WIDE+ proposes measures to improve situation of women refugees in Europe and Turkey

As a feminist network WIDE + is very concerned about the vulnerable situation of women refugees in Europe and in Turkey. WIDE+ has therefore asked United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and UN Women to check how gender sensitive measures are implemented.

WIDE+ calls for secured access to places of safety and privacy, including gender-segregated sleeping and sanitation facilities in camps as well as staff with gender sensitive training. It is necessary that women with experience of violence, torture and threats will be proactively given access to professional GBV counselling and assistance. Women’s health should be a priority as well, especially the situation of pregnant women should receive more attention. And it is of utmost importance that women’s rights to lodge an asylum claim independently of their spouse and family, and to have a legal status independent of that of their spouse and family, are duly and proactively enforced.

One can read these and the other recommendations in the letter:


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