Video available of Webinar: “Tackling Online Gender-based Violence through EU Laws and Policies”, 25 February 2021

Due to a technical issue, speaker Laia Serra Perelló is not visible in the video, but you can listen to her audio, along with the English subtitles.

The speakers’ slides and reports can be downloaded here:
Laia Serra Perelló’s report on ‘Online Gender-based Violence’: OnlineGBV_LaiaSerra_EN
Spideralex, Donestech – slides on ‘Mitigating and overcoming gender based violences enabled/amplified by ICT’: Slides_Talk_Donestech_DDP
Seyi Akiwowo, Glitch – report on ‘Glitch-COVID-19-Report-final-1
Jelena Hrnjak, Atina – slides on ‘The case of Serbia – Violence survivors’ abuse in digital surroundings’ and Atina’s report, ‘Behind the Screens’:
The case of Serbia – Violence survivors’ abuse in digital surroundings_ATINA  
and ATINA report_Behind the screens Analysis of human trafficking victims’ abuse in digital surroundings

For more about the speakers and the webinar background: click here.

As a follow-up to the current and pressing issue of online gender-based violence, WIDE+ will be writing a report and a letter of recommendations based on the conclusions and suggestions of the webinar’s speakers. If you are interested to engage with us on this topic, please email us at

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