WIDE+ has around 20 organizational and around 40 individual members. There is a large number of associations (around 300) that belong to ‘umbrella’ organisations. At least half of the member organizations are national platforms or other networks that bring together groups of associations. 

WIDE+ has member associations located in:

The Netherlands

WIDE+ has individual members located in: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Poland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Ukraine.

Some of our members are:

WIDE Austria is an example of a WIDE+ member that is also a network. It is a national network of 20 associations and individuals promoting gender justice in development.WIDE in Austria works from a development perspective, raising awareness and offering education, as well as mobilizing form women’s rights in the Global South.

The Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan (FWNGO) was set up in 1994. Today FWNGO  unites more than 85 NGOs in Kyrgyzstan, with various missions. It is a founder and regional coordinator of the Central Asian Forum of Women’s NGOs.

GADIP in Sweden facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences between researchers and practitioners – for example by translating academic discourse into NGO language and telling academia about the needs of NGOs in relation to research. It is a democratic organization in which practitioners and scholars co-operate and learn from each other.

WIDE Switzerland is a network of NGO representatives, academics and activists working in the field of gender and development. Its objective is to investigate Swiss development policies as well as economic and social policy with a focus on gender relations, to engage in public debates and to promote networking and knowledge dissemination in these subject areas. It has 15 institutional members and supporters, including university institutions.


Alexander Pershai, Ph.D., is the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Researcher (Strategic Enterprise Solutions) at Fanshawe College in London Ontario, Canada, and Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Centre for Gender Studies in the European Humanities University in Vilnius, Lithuania. Born and raised in Belarus, Dr. Pershai has contributed to gender equality and diversity initiatives in Belarus, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden. Their recent work addressed gender-diversity education in community projects, and the needs of transgender and gender non-conforming refugees and new immigrants to Canada. At present, Dr. Pershai develops and implements progressive diversity and inclusion practices at workplace, specifically in the international higher-education environment. They also consult on gender diversity, equity, and inclusion issues for non-profit and international development initiatives.

Pronouns: he/him and they/them

WIDE+ Secretariat

Gea Meijers is currently WIDE+’s coordinator. She has promoted feminism through WIDE(+)’s collective action for more almost 15 years. She previously worked for several international and national NGOs, promoting secularism and peace. Currently she has a special focus on highlighting the interrelations between EU trade policy and economic gender discrimination as well as supporting feminist movement building in Europe with partners outside Europe, in order to strengthen an intersectional feminism, rooted in global solidarity. gea.meijers23[at]

Nurhidayah Hassan is currently supporting the migration and gender working group of WIDE+ as programmatic coordinator. She has several years of experience as a project manager and a university lecturer, working within the contexts of Europe and Southeast Asia. She is actively working at the intersections of civil society and academia, advocating for the rights of women at different regional and international policymaking platforms, and building the knowledge and research capacities of university students in the social sciences discipline. She works on the themes of gender-based violence, migrant women movement-building, and gender and technology. She has two master’s degrees, in international development studies and in public policy. She is Singaporean and living in France. To get in touch with Nurhidayah, email her at

The illustration included is our visualization for our proposed Feminist Forum in Europe 2021, click here for more.

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