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WIDE+ is  inviting activists, researchers, students, NGOs, experts, volunteers, and others to one of the thematic Working Groups (WGs) to join the work done by WIDE+ individual members, members associations and others

One can currently join the following WGs:
– Trade and gender WG
– Migration  and gender WG
– Feminist Movement Building WG
-Communication WG 

A thematic Working Group shares information and engages in joint advocacy work and/or collective analysis building at European level, like jointly developing a position paper or statement or developing a workshop proposal for one of WIDE+ meetings. A project group works together on a specific project with activities, discussing how it should be implemented.

It is up to the interest of Working Group members to shape the agenda of the Group; WIDE+ Caucus and Board offer support and coordinate the work of WGs with the overall strategic direction of WIDE+.

Most communication of Working Groups takes place online, through skype and email. Phone is a possibility too. WIDE+ is raising budget to enable Working Group members to come to or set up face-to-face meetings.

Working Groups are for active WIDE+ members and non-members. At minimum, a member of the group can expect an online meeting once every couple of months.

Interested to find out more about a Working Group?
Kindly contact WIDE+ coordinator Gea Meijers,, for more information; she will make the connection to the specific groups for you.

Current Working Groups:

  • Trade and gender WG. This thematic Working Group monitors EU trade policy from a feminist perspective, develops public positions and analysis on EU trade and gender issues.
  • Migration and gender WG. This project working group is currently developing a project that highlights innovate solutions and practices to support female migrants and refugees throughout Europe.
  • Feminist Movement Building WG. This working group is thematic and project oriented at the same time; it develops the overall strategy for WIDE+’s feminist movement building activities, including its 2020 Feminist European Forum and its innovative activities. It discusses latest developments across feminist movements and organized actions in Europe, in order to sharpen our efforts to address the fragmentation of feminism.
  • Communication WG. This working group works to help support WIDE+’s internal and external communication.

New Thematic Working Groups can be formed. For any further information, please write to;

Picture above is from the briefing on Gender-just Trade policy published by the Gender and Trade working Group in December of 2018.


  1. Very good to get to know one feminist association that seems to be so active. I am a Brazilian researcher and feminist beginning my PhD in Berlin with the focus on women’s access to natural resources and would like to know how to participate in the working groups.

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