We need states to address attacks of ultra-right and institutional racism migrant women face, at UNECE State Forum reviewing Beijing+25, October 2019

“Migrant women are one of the most targeted groups by the ultra-right, in addition to institutional racism: what will states do about this?”, this was one of the core messages delivered in a powerful speech by Jennifer Kamau, spokesperson of the International Women’s Space in Germany.

Kamau called upon states to urgently address the institutional racism migrant women face, which includes refugees, undocumented women and girls, trafficked and others on the move or having arrived in Europe and Central Asia.

Kamau was part of the WIDE+ delegation that co-chaired and facilitated the input from migrant feminists into the CSO Women’s Civil Society Forum.

She spoke on the second day of the State Forum of the UNECE, the UN Europe and Central Asian states, review of the Beijing+25, and Sustainable Development Goals+5. The State Forum took place on 29 and 30 October 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland.

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