WIDE+ is a Europe-based network of gender and feminist specialists, women’s rights advocates, activists, researchers and women’s rights and development organizations. It is an international non-profit association registered under Belgian Law. 

WIDE+ works through interlinked strategies of policy analysis, movement building (enhancing capacity and enabling networking) and advocacy informed by a feminist perspective.

Read here a brief introduction: introduction_WIDE_2019 

WIDE+ is the only women’s rights network that advocates, raises awareness and builds a collective vision on Europe’s external policy, in particular trade and development policies, from a gender equality perspective. WIDE+ is unique in its holistic focus on external policies, through placing them in a larger global development context and linking it with the challenges we face in Europe.

WIDE+’s capacities and expertise were built in more than 25 years of experience in close cooperation with women’s rights organizations in the global South, with European institutions and with UN agencies. WIDE+ replaces the previous network WIDE that was dissolved in 2011. Carrying the history of WIDE, the new network is perfectly placed as an indispensable player in influencing and transforming European Union (EU) and global economic and social policies.

One of the core strengths of WIDE+ is its scope, activism and diversity of its network. WIDE+ has members in many European states and its membership is diverse.

Our Statutes and Internal regulations.

We look forward to welcoming feminists and/or women’s rights associations that share our vision into our association, working groups and as partners!

Some WIDE+ members at a meeting in South Spain, April 2015
Some WIDE+ members at a meeting in South Spain, April 2015

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  1. I have a draft of a book about global youth activism. Anyone like to critique the chapter on Europe? Also have a draft of a book about young women activists with a chapter about feminism in the US and Europe. Want to make sure they’re accurate and complete? Thanks, Gayle
    gkimball at csuchico.edu

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