E-newsletter 2015


Women – not GMOs feed the world
by Eva Lachkovics

Vandana Shiva, Indian scholar and environmental activist, explains why women’s traditional knowledge holds the answer to the problem of food security in India. http://wp.me/P2KSLS-iK

WIDE+ Recommendations to UN Human Rights Council on the protection of the family and the contribution of families in realizing the right to and adequate standard of living: http://wp.me/p2KSLS-if

WIDE+ position on the High‐Level Review of SC Resolution 1325 (2000) Open Debate of the Security Council held on October 13, 2015, led by Spain (in English and Spanish): http://wp.me/p2KSLS-i8

WIDE+ intervened during EP INTA meeting on EP study ‘The EU’s trade policy from gender blind to gender sensitive’: https://wideplus.org/2015/09/28/wide-intervention-to-the-study-commissioned-by-the-ep-the-eus-trade-policy-from-gender-blind-to-gender-sensitive-22-september-2015/

WIDE+ together with almost 500 other Civil Society associations expressed alarm over the neo-liberal policies that are being promoted around the Nairobi Ministerial of the World Trade Organization (WTO): http://wp.me/p2KSLS-im

WIDE+ and other CSOs have called for a Climate Agreement that addresses Inequalities and Social Justice: http://wp.me/p2KSLS-is

September  2015, WIDE+ Newsletter 3b, SPECIAL EDITION, with: SDGs and Women’s Political Participation Greece, CEDAW and WTO Trade Facilitation

GADN Recommendations to Measuring progress on women’s participation and leadership in the SDGs

WIDE Austria Proposes a General Recommendation for CEDAW on gender and development policy

Post-oxi great depression in Greece

CSOs should take action against WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

September 2015, WIDE+ 3a, with World Bank Gender Equality Strategy, Financing for development and feminist economic literacy.

Publication with tools on enhancing Economic Literacy by WIDE+ members

Lost opportunities in Addis Ababa – Gender Equality and Women’s Rights Present but not in Depth

Videos of WIDE+ Public Panel on the Women’s Human Rights paradigm

WIDE+ Critical reflections and key recommendations for the World Bank Group’s new Gender Equality strategy

Increasing Gains for Women, Not Just the Economy: The UK Gender and Development Network Submission to the World Bank Gender Strategy Consultation



JUNE 2015 

Days of Mobilization around EU-Latin America Summit, 8-11 June, 2015 https://wideplus.org/days-of-mobilization-around-eu-latin-america-summit-8-11-june-2

CSW 2015 celebrated Beijing+20 with record large participation but limited space for CSOs

WIDE+ joins EWL statement on latest disappointing UN Commission of the Status of Women Declaration

UK: Turning promises into progress for Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ Rights

The role of TNCs and trade agreements in the recent disaster in Atacama, Chile
Recently, an active WIDE+ member, Patricia Muñoz, visited the Atacama region in Chile, a region devastated by abnormal rain floods and mud avalanches. There she spoke to women from two nodes of La Via Campesina movement: ANAMURI and RATMURI.

New Book about Male Maternity: review by Caterina Dominici https://wideplus.org/new-book-about-male-maternity-review-by-caterina-dominici-newsletter-may-2015/



Reports and pictures from Conference ‘Gender@sustainability’ and celebration: A toast to WIDE+’, 31 October, 2014, Switzerland

Inputs, reports and pictures from the conference gender@sustainability are now online together with the evening of celebrating WIDE+: http://www.wide-network.ch/en/Gender_at_Sustainability/conference_documentation.php

The 13th Encuentro Feminista Latinoamericano y del Caribe in Peru, Lima, 22-25 November, 2014 http://wp.me/P2KSLS-aM

Searching for socio-ecological and socio-economic transformation: a feminist perspective on the 4th De-Growth Conference in Germany http://wp.me/P2KSLS-aU

The globalization of structural adjustment programmes: Lessons from feminists and women in the Global South. In the recently launched magazine of the EWL, WIDE+ members Patricia Muñoz Cabrera and Virginia López Calvo reflected on the Structural Adjustment programmes: http://wp.me/p2KSLS-ak