WIDE+ Letter to Members of European Parliament: Migrant Women Cannot Be Left Behind in EU Policymaking

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As women’s human rights defenders, migrant women activists work tirelessly to combat intersecting forms of discrimination. Despite being experts in the field of human rights, migrant women are still not gaining enough support from grantmakers, governments and the EU. WIDE+ and members of its Migration and Gender Working Group call on grantmakers and policymakers to include women in decision-making spaces and to increase funding for migrant women associations. Supporting migrant women activism will lead to long-term transformative social change.

Through this Working Group, a letter has been sent to Members of the European Parliament from the FEMM and LIBE Committees and the Human Rights Sub-Committee. Read the full letter here.

The letter outlines the intersecting struggles of racism, xenophobia, and sexism that migrant women grapple with in Europe. It raises the multiple challenges of migrant women associations in fundraising to continue the vital work they do in supporting their communities and advocating for their human rights. Finally, the letter demands for migrant women to be included in policymaking processes. It invites further engagement with the various MEPs on this urgent issue of migrant women’s human rights in Europe.


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