Women In Development Europe+

WIDE+ is a European network of associations and activists that fights for women’s rights, as part of a larger struggle for social justice, sustainable livelihoods and human rights. We advocate changing European policies that affect people in and outside of Europe. WIDE+ promotes inclusive and intersectional feminist movement building in Europe, in solidarity with feminists in the global South.

Recent News

Two New Publications available in English from RED Latinas’ activities in 2020 to promote the resistance of migrant women

In order to improve political participation by migrant women, the Network of Latin American and Caribbean Women in Spain (the Red Latina Network) organized a School of Political Training (25 April and 9 May 2020). The two modules “Migration, Citizenship…

The WWG on FfD Commitments for the Economic Justice and Rights Action Coalition launched during the Generation Equality Forum.

The Women Working Group on Financing for Development (WWG on FfD) commitments in the area of Economic Justice and Rights publishes today its main commitments it aims for. WIDE+ is a member of the WWG on FfD who has been…