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Read here our collected feminist perspectives on COVID-19.

WIDE+ is a European network of associations and activists that fights for women’s rights, as part of a larger struggle for social justice, sustainable livelihoods and human rights. Our feminism is not about promoting women whilst forgetting the bigger picture. There are deep unfair inequalities of power rooted in our societies: gender equality can only be achieved by working towards more caring, fair and sustainable economies that are fully democratically governed. To achieve this aim, we advocate changing European policies that affect people in and outside of Europe. WIDE+ aims to promote collective feminist movement building in Europe, in solidarity with our siblings elsewhere.

Recent News

WIDE+ condemns the move of the Turkish government to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention against Gender Based Violence

Having been the first country to sign the Istanbul convention in 2011, Turkey withdrew from the convention in the middle of the night on March 20. In full, the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women…

Video and slides available of Webinar: “authoritarian regimes using COVID19 to curb civic rights, labour standards and women’s rights”, 10 March, 2021

Biographies of the speakers. Jennifer Ramme spoke on the Polish state’s attack on and curtailing of women’s sexual and reproductive rights, its anti-feminism and re-traditionalisation of gender roles in the framework of familism. Roxana Calderon covered the further militarisation and…

Video, slides and answers available of webinar: “Global care chains and vulnerabilities in the COVID19 crisis”, 3 March, 2021

Helma Lutz: the mentioned research project can be found at this site. Catherine Abon’s PPT presentation on Filipino Migrant Women-Gabriela Germany, questions after the webinar 3 March Catherine Abon Silvia Dumitrache, PPT presentation in English, PPT presentation in Spanish, Silvia…