Objectives and Strategies

WIDE+ is a European feminist network of women’s rights advocates, gender specialists, women’s rights organizations and development NGOs. It works through interlinked strategies of analysis and capacity building (feminist literacy), innovative movement building and advocacy informed by a feminist perspective.

The protection of women’s human Rights is WIDE+’s key objective. Members call for gender justice in combination with social justice, since gender justice in Europe and globally can only be brought about if intersecting unequal power relations are addressed. WIDE+ also strongly believes that women are a not homogeneous group and that without respect for the multitude of feminisms, we can’t build agency. WIDE+ aims to take into account women’s multiple identities -being women in western and Eastern Europe, the Global South, migrants, of colour, LGBTQ – and the intersection of different regimes of power and oppression. That is why WIDE+ is a European network that works in solidarity with women’s rights organizations in the Global South and other associations in the North, such as grassroots groups or migrant networks.

WIDE+ has the  following aims:

  • Create and widen spaces to multiply the impact of feminist activism;
  • Influence and transform institutional settings, power relations, policies and practices;
  • Act in solidarity with feminist and human rights movements.

WIDE+ has 16 organizational and around 40 individual members. The number of associations involved is indirectly much greater, bringing together approximately 300 associations; at least half of the members organizations are national platforms or other kinds of networks that bring together a group of other associations. 

WIDE+ provides a European network to share and collaborate on these issues from a feminist perspective. For more about our work in thematic Working Groups, click here.

Highlights from past activities

WIDE+ has been creating feminist spaces, building alliances, doing advocacy work like promoting women’s rights in EU trade policy, and communication work to make feminist voices visible and connected (www.wideplus.org, facebook). For example, WIDE+ and its members have organized almost each year a European event in different countries: 2013 Workshop, ‘Identifying feminist opportunities and voices in times of crises’; 2014 Conferences ‘Gender@sustainability’, in 2015: ’Proposals for a New Women’s Rights Paradigm‘; and the 2016 ‘Feminist Perspectives on Global Issues in Europe’, for 200 participants from over 30 countries. Since 2016, the promotion of women’s rights in migration was the focus of a European Advocacy Workshop and of the 2018 ‘Strengthening Innovative Solutions’ and of a two-year project in which WIDE+ contributed to a session of the 2018 Feminist Forum in the European Parliament.




5 thoughts on “Objectives and Strategies

  1. If I manage to find a ticket from Gothenburg to Bern either by train or a flight, will someone help me to to find a place to sleep?

    Beat regards Evy Warholm/GADIP.Sweden

    1. Dear Evy, dear all,

      We very much appreciate your participation. We are sorry but we cannot host people with accommodation.

      best wishes, Gea Meijers, WIDE+ communication facilitator

    2. Best Gea, I only asked for papers this time,

      If I’d come I must find lodging on my own.

      Nice to read your name again.

      All the best

      Evy Warholm 23 sep 2014 kl. 19:36 skrev WIDE+ :


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