WIDE+ Strategies 2020-2021

WIDE+  works through interlinked strategies of analysis and capacity building (feminist literacy), (innovative) movement building and advocacy informed by a feminist perspective.

WIDE+ will promote – along with our members, feminists across Europe and many partners in the global South – an alternative economic model that lays the foundation for ‘a new global cake, instead of demanding a bigger piece of a rotten cake’, to quote the famous feminist Devaki Jain.

WIDE+ will promote an alternative socio-economic vision and policies that:

  • prioritise care and solidarity concerns to ensure that care work primarily done by women is truly valued.
  • Demand a transformation of macro-economic policies (like tax and trade) so that they take into account the needs and rights of women and other underprivileged groups and in which the environment is treated with respect.

This vision can be realized with an intersected approach, acknowledging the multiple discriminations many women* face. In this context, WIDE+ will continue to promote movement building among migrant feminists in Europe.

In 2020 and 2021, WIDE+ will work towards:

  1. Building the capacities of feminists and other relevant stakeholders in the following ways: focusing on feminist economic literacy including digitalization, coalition building of migrant feminists (their perspectives, needs and resources), and enhancing transnational feminist solidarity.
  2. Advocating with European decision makers for a transformation of macro-economic policies that seriously integrate environmental issues and that take account of the possible impacts of these policies on different women’s rights, including migrant women within Europe and women in the Global South.
  3. Building trans-sectoral alliances/collaborations with groups and social movements in Europe that also want a different political-economic order, moving away from the current neo-liberal model in which democracy is being traded in favour of big private interests.
  4. Strengthening WIDE+ to make it financially more sustainable.


WIDE+ grew out of a longstanding collaboration between feminists in the global South and feminist economists. In the last five years, WIDE+ has been able to connect this global expertise on development, trade, and other policies of EU and European states that aim to impact those outside Europe with feminist activism in Europe, specifically focusing on intersections such as the abuse of the human rights of female migrants and refugees and the backlash against the diversity of families, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and LGBTQI rights.

Only too often the economic root causes contributing to the violation of women’s rights*, including violence against women, are not fully considered in many feminist initiatives. With our strategies we aim to make visible these connections and build up collective capacity. Feminist initiatives have made great contributions in recent years to promoting the inclusion of diverse identities. We believe there is a risk that such initiatives will lead to (continued) fragmentation and divisiveness if we do not analyse them together to understand how they are interrelated. We believe that addressing the failing economic system is a major priority in this context.

The photograph above is of our open space organized with European Women’s Lobby to promote the rights of female migrants and refugees in November 2016.



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    1. Dear Evy, dear all,

      We very much appreciate your participation. We are sorry but we cannot host people with accommodation.

      best wishes, Gea Meijers, WIDE+ communication facilitator

    2. Best Gea, I only asked for papers this time,

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      All the best

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