Objectives and Strategies

WIDE+ members are currently working on issues and agenda’s like the care economy, economic literacy, CEDAW, the Aid Effectiveness agenda, the post-2015 framework, and on trade justice, including the anti-TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), TTP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and anti-TISA (Trade in Services Agreement) campaigns.

WIDE+ provides a European network to share and collaborate on these issues from a feminist perspective. For more about our work in thematic Working Groups, click here.

Strategic Goals

WIDE+ key paths to achieve this transformation is through raising awareness towards European changemakers and strengthening citizen’s movements, in particular feminist ones. These two goals mutually reinforce each other and can take place simultaneously. Feminist movements are strengthened through WIDE+ collective work around awareness raising and vice versa.

Key Goals, as formulated in WIDE+ strategic Plan
A.      Contribute to increasing gender, social, economic and environmental justice within EU decisionmaking

B.      Contribute to movement-building for gender equality and women’s rights at European level, connecting to other levels

Our key strategies are currently updated and will be published in March 2017.


5 thoughts on “Objectives and Strategies

  1. If I manage to find a ticket from Gothenburg to Bern either by train or a flight, will someone help me to to find a place to sleep?

    Beat regards Evy Warholm/GADIP.Sweden

    1. Dear Evy, dear all,

      We very much appreciate your participation. We are sorry but we cannot host people with accommodation.

      best wishes, Gea Meijers, WIDE+ communication facilitator

    2. Best Gea, I only asked for papers this time,

      If I’d come I must find lodging on my own.

      Nice to read your name again.

      All the best

      Evy Warholm 23 sep 2014 kl. 19:36 skrev WIDE+ :


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