WG CB4VOL Project

Alianza por Solidaridad is leading this Erasmus+ project “Across borders: strengthening youth volunteering to fight for gender equality and social inclusion” supported by the European Agency EACEA.

CB4VOL’s main objective is to strengthen the capacity of the consortium organisations to develop volunteering work at local level. At the same time, the project organisations will promote the participation of youth in their local communities, to improve awareness and knowledge about gender equality and inclusion.

The project objectives will be achieved through 4 Working Packages:
(1) Project and consortium management,
(2) Training and follow-up/ Monitoring,
(3) Volunteer pilot groups,
(4) Online campaigning for gender equality and inclusion.

This project targets young people (18-30 years of age) and specially young women from vulnerable backgrounds. These young people will become or enhance their capacity of local volunteers and they will not only work together at community level but also engage in exchanges (online and in-person) at transnational level. In addition, the consortium is made up of 4 organisations: Association Asticude in Nador, Morocco; Young Women’s Christian Association of Jerusalem, Palestine; Women In Development Europe+ (WIDE+), Brussels, Belgium, and Alianza por Solidaridad, Madrid, Spain. The organisations will work with 40 young people and 30 staff members of organisations. The young volunteers will reach out locally through public actions and the regional online campaign to foster gender equality and social inclusion.

Project outputs:

  • Each organisation develops a Local Volunteering Programme.
  • Training Materials, for organisations and for the volunteers, are produced on Volunteering, Gender Equality, Campaigning.
  • Online Regional campaign and dissemination materials.
  • Local public actions about the value of volunteering.

WIDE+ Resource Guide “Including Gender Equality in Youth Volunteerism: Tips, Concepts, and Methodologies”

This resource guide provides a brief contextualisation and introduction into including a gender equality perspective into youth volunteerism. It give references and examples to go deeper into the topic that can be of aid for any one setting up a volunteer project of programme on gender inclusion with young people. And young people in this guide is roughly taken as between 18 and 30 years of age, following the EU definition for youth while excluding minors. There are specific responsibilities for adult workers when working with underage volunteers, which is best addressed at another moment.

CB4VOL_Training on Gender Mainstreaming

Alianza por la Solidaridad’s Training on Local Volunteering

In order to help ensure that future work with volunteers is managed and developed in the most coherent and effective way possible, ActionAid Spain / Alianza por la Solidaridad has developed this volunteer management guide.It is a useful tool to establish the basis for management and work, taking into account the differences between organisations and the context that surrounds them. It can serve as material for other organisations that want to start working with local volunteers and for those that are already working with volunteers and want to incorporate new ideas or good practices to improve the processes and management of volunteering.

CB4VOL_Training on Local Volunteering

WIDE+ Training Curriculum on Online Campaigning

This is a training curriculum that introduces online campaigning to women’s rights organisations, civil society organisations and other NGOs working with youth volunteers to advocate for issues like gender equality, social inclusion, economic justice, and other related topics. It outlines a series of topics related to online campaigning.  Online campaigning is the strategic use of digital technology to advance advocacy initiatives to create social or political change. This can be done via e-newsletters, websites, online messaging apps, or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Online campaigning helps to make issues public, raises awareness, educates people and encourages them to participate in pushing for change. It also helps to highlight these issues by bringing them to the attention of stakeholders like governments, policymakers, civil society and the media.

To download the training curriculum, click on this link: CB4VOL – Training curriculum for online campaigning final_310123.

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