WIDE+ participation in Alliances 

Enabling representation and collaboration among constituencies is the main purpose of network building, it is  combined with an important component to work within larger coalitions and alliances to amplify the objectives of our members, for example in advocacy or awareness building. WIDE+ is part of trans-sectoral alliances/collaborations with different groups and social movements in Europe as well as partnering with women right’s coalitions. Collaborations and alliances:

WIDE+ is a partner to the CONCORD gender reference group and the trade working group. In this capacity it has contributed to the civil society consultations around the evaluation of the action plan on gender equality and women’s empowerment in external relations (GAP II) and formulation on GAP III (Gender Equality Action Plan in External Relations III).  WIDE+ has been also an active contributor to the recent analysis done by CONCORD members in partnership with WIDE+ on the EU trade policy review.

WIDE+ is a member of the Steering Group of the Gender Trade Coalition (GTC), a global coalition of women’s rights networks and other civil society that is monitoring current trade policy processes on its gender-responsiveness. In its capacity, WIDE+ has co-facilitated a session in 2018 during the UN Commission of the Status of Women together with UNCTAD and the GTC on the WTO declaration on women’s economic empowerment. It is continuously building capacity through expert sessions and currently monitoring the processes on gender and trade resolutions in the UNCTAD and the WTO.

WIDE+ is a member of the Women’s Group on Financing for Development, in which it has given input into the Economic Justice Action Coalition of the UN Beijing+25 review process. The Women’s Group on Financing for Development is a global alliance of women’s rights associations working to promote feminist economic perspectives in UN processes, especially around the Financing for Development Agenda.

WIDE+ is part of inter-organisational working groups. In the past years is co-organised a series of online workshops around macro-economic policies, gender equality and the International Monetary Institutions, in particular the World Bank Group. This European working group was facilitated by the Bretton Woods Project. WIDE+ has been part of the ad-hoc working group on the digital economy from a feminist perspective, an international working group facilitated by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung with the project: “Feminist visions on the future of work. WIDE+ is a partner to an Erasmus+ project coalition of Transform! Associations whom are together implementing the project: “Dismantling FakeNews to Stop Hatred: Education for the Inclusion of Adult Women in Risk of Exclusion”, led by Fundación Europa de los.  And WIDE+ joined the global coalition of groups and volunteers, ‘the feminist response to COVID19’, to document impacts of COVID19 and feminist recommendations.

In addition to the above partnerships in coalitions, WIDE+ is a member of WO=MEN, which means that both are members of each other and support each other’s work. WIDE+ and WO=MEN work closely on macro-economic topics, especially trade in which WIDE+ leads the European Working group on gender and trade. WO=MEN is for WIDE+ a leading network when it comes to the Women, Peace and Security agenda, especially regarding the implementation of National Action Plans, on which some of our members are working on too. And WO=MEN has a strong background in monitoring the GAP III, especially their plans around the CLIPS and WIPS are of huge relevance to WIDE+ and members

Picture is from the Gender Trade Coalition, of which WIDE+ is a member to the Steering Group.

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