WIDE+ stems from the WIDE network, which harboured experiences of more than 25 years in advocacy and movement-building in transforming development, macro-economic and women’s rights policies at the European and international level.

Created in 1985 at the third UN World Conference on Women (Nairobi, Kenya), the WIDE network developed into a formal European network of women that brought a feminist perspective within European non-governmental development organizations, research institutions and solidarity groups. For many years it was based activityreporWIDE_2015_2017in Brussels through a professional secretariat, acquiring an excellent reputation. Due to financial circumstances, WIDE was dissolved in 2011 to give room to a new network.

Since 2012 WIDE+ has been active; it was established as a formal network in 2015.

In March of 2019 the Annual Report over 2018 will be published!

WIDE+ Achievements at the end of 2017, reporting on 2015, 2016 and 2017: WIDEnarrativereport_activities2015_17

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