WG Gender and Trade

This Working Group is very actively monitoring EU trade policy from a feminist perspective. The Group is a mixture of WIDE+ experts, international experts, Civil Society and Trade Unionists representatives. It welcomes non-members to join the group. The group meets mostly through skype/zoom with an active e-list. It is working on several ongoing and new activities.

You can contact: Meijers23@zonnet.nl (Gea Meijers) for more information and when you are interested to take part. Interested activists, researchers, associations and groups are much welcomed!

Past activities:

WIDE+ Gender and Trade WG drafted a briefing paper on gender in EU trade agreements for the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, finalized April 2018.

WIDE+’s WG advocacy towards European Parliament resolution Gender in EU Trade Agreements concluded with resolution accepted, March 2018.

The European Parliament accepted in March 2018 with great majority the draft motion: “Gender in EU Trade Agreements”. The motion was accepted by 512 MEPS, 107 were against, and there were 68 abstentions. WIDE+ has been a strong supporter for this resolutions and was thanked yesterday in the plenary of the European Parliament by Malin Björk, one of the shadow rapporteurs of the motion, for our contributions to the work of the  rapporteurs and their team (see also the video stream).

A Fair Trade for Gender? an Analysis of Cocoa production in Ivory Coast, article by WG member Nema Vinkeloe: article.

WG Gender and Trade Position Paper, published July 2017

WIDE+ at European Parliament hearing, 11 May, 2017

WIDE+ Working Group spoke at the European Parliament Hearing organized by the FEMM and INTA committees (gender equality and international trade).

To listen to the hearing:

To read WIDE+ contribution: WIDE_EP_INTA_FEMM2017

Presentation WIDE+ Conference 2016

WG at International Conference “Movements, Borders, Rights? Feminist Perspectives on global issues in Europe”, 24-25 October, 2016:


Intervention European Parliament INTA meeting, 2015

WIDE+ intervened during EP INTA meeting on EP study ‘The EU’s trade policy from gender blind to gender sensitive’. The intervention and hearing:


Picture above is from the European Parliament (EP) rapporteurs Björk and Forenza, when the own initiative motion “Gender in Trade Agreements”, was adopted by the EP in March 2018. WIDE+ Gender and Trade WG was very actively advocating for gender just recommendations in this report.

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