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WIDE+ led Erasmus+ project: “Expanding tools in Addressing Barrieres for Migrant Women to participate in Democratic Life”

This transnational collaboration aims to encourage and empower migrant women to participate in civic and democratic action in Europe. Migrant women are for us all women, including gender non-conforming persons, who displaced between countries, trafficked or who have moved from a third or European country to a destination in Europe. WIDE+ is leading a consortium for a project of 2,5 years with between women-led and migrant women-led organisations with a shared mission to protect the rights of migrant women rights. Currently 7 organisations are included in the consortium. The project commenced in April 2022.

The main project outcomes we are working towards are:

  • A study on participation of migration women in democratic life in EU, Serbia, Denmark, Romania, Germany and Italy.
  • A survey on participation of migration women in democratic life in Spain from a migrant women’s perspective.
  • An online Tool and Resource kit on how to empower and encourage women to participate in democratic life in Europe.
  • An online Treasure Box with 50 non-formal educational materials and messages to promote migrant’s women participation in democratic lif

To achieve these project results and to multiply them, the following activities will be held in addition:
-4 Project meetings and 3 international trainings on “media tools and strategic communication tailored to migrant women in Europe”, “Introducing the European Union and its policies relevant for migrant women”, “Participation of migrant women in democratic life through the community of practice with public institutions”, and “Empowering migrant women in democratic life from individual to collective action”, two in Belgium, one in Spain and one in Serbia. For a section of the organisations involved another international training will be held, organized by GADIP.
-Organisations will organize one or a series of multiplier events, of which 4 partners will hold face to face events and there are 5 online events. The partners will also set out to widely disseminate its study, survey, the toolkit and its treasures through it many migrant women members, member organisations and allies.

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