Digitalisation and Gender

WIDE+ Resources “Feminist Perspectives on the Digital Economy”

  • WIDE+ workshop: ‘Trade, digital Economy and Women’s access to Decent work’, at the WTO Public Forum, Friday 11 October 2019, listen online.
  • The Webinar: “Does the digital economy promote women’s rights? Unpacking the myths!” was held Wednesday 18 September, 2019 and the presentations and audio can be viewed:

“The Deal we Always Wanted, a Feminist Action Framework for the Digital Economy”, Launched by FES Working Group with WIDE+ as member

The global Working Group on Feminist Visions of the Future of Work by FES, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, has recently published its conclusions analyzing the digital economy from a feminist perspective, after one and a half year of collaborating. WIDE+ has been part of this collective reflection, as member of this working group. The document is not just a publication; it offers an accessible roadmap into understanding what it is all about in the ‘new’ economy brought forward by online technologies and artificial intelligence.

Actually there is nothing new in terms of how it incorporates gender and other inequalities for women as workers, consumers and citizens. It is a feminist action framework on the digital economy that can create new visions and sustainable pathways. It challenges also the status quo and recognises the injustices of digital capitalism as a global paradigm that is sustained through a neo-colonial ideology. With this framework we want to identify and address the extractivism, exploitation and exclusion characteristic of our time, as reflected in the intersections of gender, class, race, caste and other such markers of power and dominance.

Other Resources “Feminist perspectives on the Digital Economy”


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