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You can join WIDE+ and become a member of the network as and individual or as an organization. Please, fill in the WIDE+ membership form and email it to us to  Your membership application will be reviewed by the Assembly of members.

WIDE+ membership means you endorse network’s the vision and mission and that you commit to support aims and objectives with resources, including with voluntary work, financial resources and/or other material support. Formally there is an annual fee and organisations and individuals that cannot pay the fee can be exempt of payment. For the WIDE+ members the network is made possible through commitments of other members to maintain the network. Some members are more involved and others mainly contribute through their annual contribution.

Being a member gives you the right to vote at the General Assembly and to actively take part in the network as well as benefit from its activities and information sharing. Members can join or set up thematic Working Groups and put themselves forward as candidates to the Board and Caucus. For more about the formal rights, procedures and responsibilities of members, please read our statutes.

The picture shows WIDE+ members from the Swedish organization GADIP, during their workshop on protecting female migrant and refugee rights in May, 2018, which was part of a project with WIDE+ and others.

Annual Fees: minimum €25 and maximum €200 for individuals; Minimum €100 and maximum €500 for organizations.

Use and Storage of Privacy Data

In order to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force on 25 May 2018, WIDE+ would like to explain its policy on collecting and managing privacy data of its members. Applicant members are asked to fill in their contact details, including their postal address and email address. When you are approved as a member, WIDE+ keeps this information in one file to contact members about the membership fee, the General Assembly and other member-related issues. This file is managed by the Board and is not shared with third parties. Members are also added to the members’ e-list, where relevant information is shared, such as announcements of new initiatives by partners, reports and questions or suggestions by other members.

WIDE+ assumes new members accept this form of data collection and management. A member can request to exclude specific privacy data from both forms of communication. Please write to:


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