WG Migration and Gender

This Working Group currently functions in the form of a European Working Group around the project: “Strengthening Innovative Solutions to Protect Female Migrant and Refugee Rights”. One can read here more about this project: https://wideplus.org/current-projects/project-innovative-solutions-to-female-migrant-rights/

Some of the members of the Working Group include:
Atina NGO (based in Serbia) 
Red Latinas  (based in Spain)
International Women Space (based in Germany)
GADIP (based in Sweden) 

Most Recent Activities:

July 2020 – Two WIDE+ webinars, “COVID19: Migrant Women in Europe resisting under increased control, abuse and inequality”
Each webinar will share common experiences of migrant women and girls -refugees, domestic workers, those part of family reunification, undocumented, etc.- coping under COVID measures in Europe. It will highlight how migrant women have worked together to provide essential support, safe spaces, and collective action through campaigning and advocacy. It will outline experiences in Germany, Spain, Serbia and Belgium and Europe, including providing political recommendations, such as for the EU recovery fund.
The webinar is supported [in part] by a grant from the Foundation Open Society Institute in cooperation with the Human Rights Initiative of the Open Society Foundations.

Webinar Part 1:

Webinar Part 2:

 Previous Activities:

European Capacity Building and Advocacy Meeting, 2016

WIDE+ co-organized with EWL (European Women Lobby) the Open Space Session: “to analyze, strategize, and (re)claim rights of female Refugees and Migrants” with the support of Open Society Foundations. The Session was part of a two day capacity building event WIDE+ co-organized with the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) on 14 and 15 November 2016, in Amazone, Brussels, Belgium.

The Open Space stressed the need for three key actions: the importance of creating and enhancing equal partnerships between women’s rights and migrant/refugee associations, making migration and asylum policy gender sensitive, and the need to promote and advocate for protecting the human rights of women refugees and migrants.

WIDE+ prepared a report that reflects the rich discussion of 50 representatives from national and regional women’s rights associations, grassroots women refugee associations and organizations working with women migrants and refugees based in 35 countries in Europe and beyond. It provides concrete recommendations for policy makers, human rights activists and women’s rights associations to improve the asylum and integration process for female refugees, undocumented and migrants.

Report: wideopenspace_migration2016_report

Panel at International Feminist Conference, 2016

The International conference “Movements, Borders, Rights? Feminist Perspectives on global issues in Europe”, on 24 and 25 October, 2016, Brussels, Belgium, that brought together almost 200 women’s rights activists, experts, civil servants and CSO representatives, offered a key Panel: “ Migration and women’s rights: When refugees cross borders to Europe and within Europe – old reflexes, new fences”, co-organized by WIDE+ WG members:

Report: https://wideplus.org/conference-2016/conference-2016-panel-2/

Advocacy Letter to promote Women Refugee Rights, 2016

In April 2016, WIDE+ proposed measures to improve situation of women refugees in Europe and Turkey in a public letter to UNCHR and UN Women as well as the Danish Government.


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