Video report Conference: “WOMEN ON THE MOVE”, Belgrade, Serbia, 10 December 2018, organized by Atina

We are happy to share with you the video recordings of the international workshop/conference organized by Atina, and part of the project ‘Innovative Solutions to protect female migrant and refugee rights’ coordinated by WIDE+.

First Part of the DAY: the power of migrant women’s agency
Interview with Marieme Jamme, a Senegalese businesswoman and one of BBC’s 100 Womenatinaconference1

This interview reflected on the agency of migrant and refugee women to take part in public life and influence decision making through sharing the amazing story of Marieme Jamme, was named twice on the UK Powerlist 2017 and 2018 of Britain’s 100 most influential people of African and African Caribbean Heritage, Mariéme Jamme is a Senegalese-born British businesswoman and investor in technology (for more:

Her interview with Q&A:

Second Part of the DAY: Women’s agency tackling Violence Against Migrant Women
Discussion with Mohammed Amal Osman & Husein Renas, TERRAFEM Goteborg, Sweden, and Silvina Gabriela Monteros, Latin American and Caribbean Women in Spain Network Granada, Spain

The invited speakers shared their innovative practice and collective agency building to support migrant women experiencing violence and improving the laws and policy to prevent or adequately punish this violence. To find out more of their knowledge shared, read the reports of the national workshops taken place in Spain (19-21 October 2018) and Sweden (29 May 2018), at the overview page for the project, coordinated by WIDE+.

The discussion:

Third part of the DAY: innovative practices in Serbia from a gender perspective of migrations and the violence against refugee and migrant women, panel discussion with:
Stasa Zajevic, director of Women in Black
Bojana Balevic, activist, Danish refugee centre
Mirjana Nesic, activist NGO Praxis
Zarka Radoja, co-founder of KontraPress and journalist of Radio Free Europe (first part) (second part) (third part)

Fourth Part: Wrap-up followed by documentary: The beginning of some better stories and Exhibition