Report available of the seminar ‘What is good integration?’, 19 January 2019, Denmark

Final report of this seminar is available: KULU_Report_Migrant Women’s Voices

KULU-Women and Development and member organization Babaylan–Denmark organized this seminar that successfully took place January last year. It was organized in the context of the project: “Strengthening Innovative Solutions to Protect Female Migrant and Refugee Rights” coordinated by WIDE+.

It is an opportunity to share migrant women’s realities and strategies in order to build stronger networks and create new knowledge and contributes to a European collection of organizational strategies, network creation for better integration, and the achievement of rights and belonging to the community.

The project is supported by a grant from the Foundation Open Society Institute in cooperation with the Human Rights Initiative of the Open Society Foundations via WIDE+ and the Danish Adult Education Association.


KULU realized that there was a lack of knowledge and focus in Denmark when it comes to migrant and refugee women´s rights and living conditions. KULU wanted to highlight the good life stories and examples of good practice, told by the women themselves.

The project aimed at throwing light on migrant women´s organizations and community strategies and at bringing migrant women´s organizations/groups together in a network to strengthen their voice and give them a common voice in debates in society.


§ How do migrant women tackle the challenges and the obstacles they meet in
§ How is their relation to the labour market or the educational system?
§ How does their inclusion as citizens progress?
§ What strategies and kinds of organizations are they using?
§ What are their relations to the homeland?

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