Video of Gender and Trade Strategy session at @IAFFE2019, 28 June, 2019

The Gender Trade Coalition of which WIDE+ is part, organized a Gender and Trade Strategy Session: Feminist Economics for Policy and Advocacy, during #IAFFE2019, Friday, 28th of June, 2019.

The video of most of the session can be viewed on our channel:

D-Ij83KXoAAdcXX Edmé Dominguez gave a concrete example of a research that can be done to make visible the impacts of trade on gender inequality.  She researched with colleague the new and old EU-Mexico trade agreement, which showed how EU has hugely increased its neoliber al policies with very negative outcomes.

Amanda Shaw introduced the current trade debate on gender, which is hyped on female entrepeneuring and integration of women into international markets, while 20 years of feminist economist research is ignored. And Rachel Noble explained what steps civil society have taken to advocate for a gender-just trade policy in the current policy debates with the coalition for which 200 associations signed up for.

Some of the main conclusions from the session were that we are facing huge increase of corporate capitalism at the expanse of democracy. We need to make gendered unequal impacts visible, engage with policymakers and research impacts on country level.

Edmé Dominguez speaking at the Gender and Trade Session.