WIDE+ presented during Polis180 online Policy Kitchen on a Foreign Feminist (trade) Policy

Polis180, a German policy thinktank, organized an interactive webinar on 20 April, 2020, to reflect on the elements that should be part of a Feminist foreign policy. The online event was fully booked with 100 registrations. WIDE+ coordinator Gea Meijers took part as speaker on the relationships between gender and trade policy. The ‘policy kitchen’ facilated brainstorming on ideas in different working group, including on a feminist trade policy (see illustration the results). It is part of a European wide project.


In the coming months the brainstorm will result in concrete ideas that will be further developed in working groups. http://policykitchen.com/feministfp. Up to 15 May, ideas will be further refined and more will be added. After 15 May registered users will be able to vote on them. Over the summer a paper will be written from the ideas that will be reviewed by the Policy Kitchen FFP advisory board.

They shared the following reading suggestions for the webinar:


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