WIDE+ Solidarity Video Message for Citizens, especially Feminists, of Belarus

Since the 2020 presidential elections where Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko took his 6th term in office, the country has erupted into protests and demonstrations questioning the legitimacy of the presidential elections. The government and law enforcement authorities have used aggression, force, and violence in dealing with citizens, activists and journalists.

Women and the feminist movement in Belarus have been at the frontline, taking necessary leadership in pursuit of freedom, justice and democracy in Belarus. Together with other groups, women have been pushing on president Alexander Lukashenko to step down, cease all state repression and free all the political detainees. In a deeply patriarchal society that often still reduces women to their reproductive and marital abilities, women have been taking prominent roles in the protests, subjecting themselves to threats and physical danger. Some have been forced to exile, many jailed.

At WIDE+, we would like to affirm our solidarity with the feminists, women and other activists of Belarus for their bravery and conviction in building a better future for their country. We call on you to also send a message of solidarity to our sisters in Belarus so they can keep going and sustain their cause for Belarus! The undemocratic rule of the Belarusian state must be condemned loudly and international attention for the huge struggles faced by the Belarusian population at this moment must not be lost. #SolidaritywithBelarus.

Our statements in photo and video (and above in full):

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