WIDE+ Annual Report 2020 is available

The Annual Report for 2020 is available: WIDEannualreport2020

This report describes the activities of WIDE+ for 2020 categorized according to the strategic priorities the WIDE+ membership agreed to work on in 2020. At the end of 2019, the WIDE+ network updated its strategic plan, which is reflected in this annual report. Of course, the WIDE+ network was hugely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic; the first chapter will explain in which ways.

The second chapter focuses on WIDE+’s work around feminist economics. WIDE+ promotes a feminist socio-economic vision and policies that prioritize care and solidarity concerns to ensure that care work primarily done by women is truly valued. It calls for a transformation of macro-economic policies (like trade) so that they consider the needs and rights of women and other underprivileged groups and in which the environment is treated with respect.

The final two chapters focus on other key priorities of WIDE+. WIDE+ promotes an intersectional feminist approach that acknowledges the multiple discriminations that impact many women and gender non-conforming persons, aiming to contribute to feminist movement building for all people. WIDE+ will continue to promote movement building among migrant feminists in Europe, which is the topic of the fourth chapter.

In 2020, WIDE+ intervention strategies remained:

  • Building the capacities of feminists and other relevant stakeholders in the following ways: focusing on feminist economic literacy including digitalization, coalition building of migrant feminists (their perspectives, needs and resources), and enhancing transnational feminist solidarity.
  • Advocating with European decision makers for a transformation of macro-economic policies that seriously integrate environmental issues and that take account of the possible impacts of these policies on different women’s rights, including migrant women within Europe and women in the Global South.
  • Building trans-sectoral alliances/collaborations with groups and social movements in Europe that also want a different political-economic order, moving away from the current neo-liberal model in which democracy is being traded in favour of big private interests.
  • Ensuring WIDE+ financial and organizational sustainability & keep its strong ethical and horizontal governance model in place.