The WWG on FfD Commitments for the Economic Justice and Rights Action Coalition launched during the Generation Equality Forum.

The Women Working Group on Financing for Development (WWG on FfD) commitments in the area of Economic Justice and Rights publishes today its main commitments it aims for. WIDE+ is a member of the WWG on FfD who has been one of the civil society leaders in this Action Coalition. As a member it has been actively monitoring the preparations for this Action Coalition. The Action Coalition present a package of voluntary commitments to accelerate progress to the Beijing+25 Forum.

The WWG on FfD commiments  are focused in two main areas, along with endorsing commitments on the care economy – Global Alliance for Care. The main thrust on its commitment comes in the form of the tactics of the EJ&R blueprint, along with the individual commitment, From Debt Sustainability to Sustainable Care.

It commits to strengthen the knowledge and the advocacy capacity of feminists, women’s groups and allies to engage in a holistic manner with the challenges of the economic and financial global system, in particular in relation to the interconnections of debt, human rights, feminist economy, environmental integrity and structural responses.

It will promote the generation of knowledge on what it means to go from the notion of “debt sustainability”, which at the moment is a technical concept that is used in an extractive manner, imposing the harshest measures on the Least Developed Countries and the Small Island Developing States (and therefore negatively impacting in an intersectional manner different groups of women and girls on an unequal system) to a notion of “Sustainable Care”, or even “Care Sustainability”, to refer to the centrality of the wellbeing of women, people and the Planet to the global solutions offered by the Generation Equality Forum.



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