Video available of Webinar: “How women and feminists in Belarus became enemies of the state”, 15 March 2022

A conversation with Olga Karatch – Head of the Civic Campaign “Our House” and journalist and former politician. FIND THE PRESENTATION SHE GAVE HERE.

It is already one and a half year ago that Lukashenko brutally ended the huge protest of many Belarusians demanding a fair election. The oppression has increased and with it the influence of Putin in Belarus. Many women, including feminists, have been very active in the peaceful initiatives for a democratic Belarus free from violence and terror.

This web seminar is the first of two, in which we will reflect on the current situation for Belarus from the stories of women’s rights activists.

We will have an online dialogue with Olga Karatch, Head of the Civic Campaign “Our House”, journalist and former politician.

“Our house” exists for 20 years as a civil rights campaign organisation. It started with a focus on protecting citizen’s rights such as housing issues and women’s rights issues and focusing on local and regional levels of government. It also established a newspaper with specific examples of the struggle for rights. In the past years it is also working outside Belarus, offering support to refugees and raising awareness about the human rights violations in Belarus.