WIDE+ Solidarity Statement on International Women’s Day 2022

We are living in turbulent times in which crises is piling up, and our dreams for feminist-based economies and societies seem at times more difficult to reach. However, International Women’s Day shows us the huge strength that comes from collective feminist activism, nationally and transnationally. On this day we express our determination and international solidarity.

We can only overcome the deep and structural inequalities, discriminations, violence and oppression if we together stand up for human rights for all. Women’s rights, migrant, undocumented, refugee women and girls rights, rights of LGBTQI* persons are human rights.

We stand by our partners and members in their fight for their rights, across the world. We would like to express our solidarity with particular struggles that are faced by feminist activists, our partners, and members of our network.

We want to send a solidarity message to women in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia fighting against extremely patriarchal orders where violence, aggression, and war have become the dominant norms of society. The case of the aggression of a Russian and a Belarussian leadership against Ukraine is the tragic example of such violent patriarchalism against which we as feminists must struggle.

In our demand for peace, we also urge the EU, its Member States, and neighbouring countries to keep borders open for all, ensure safe passages for everyone fleeing Ukraine, regardless of nationality. Everyone must be afforded the same rights and protection. No one should be left behind on the basis of nationality, gender, or race. 

We want to send a special message to feminists in Latin America fighting an extremely high rate of violence, domestic and criminal violence. The average of femicides of 11 women a day killed in Mexico is absolutely unacceptable. Feminist activists are not spared from threats and violence.

Our solidarity also goes out to the women’s rights activists in Turkey, a country in which rights against freedom of violence are rolled back, activists are being targeted and imprisoned. Currently, there are close to a hundred trials against women and LGBTQI+ activists that expressed their opinions during International Women’s Day last year and who protested against Turkey’s withdrawal of the Istanbul Convention as well. Migrant women are facing deportation for attending protests against the withdrawal of the Istanbul Convention.

WIDE+ is a European network of feminist activists, scholars, and women’s rights organisations that reaches out to 300 associations, through its national membership-based networks and organisations across Europe.


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