“Why the European Green Deal Needs Ecofeminism”: New Report with WIDE+ Contribution

WIDE+ coordinator, Gea Meijers, is a contributor to this new report, “Why the European Green Deal needs ecofeminism. Moving from gender-blind to gender-transformative environmental policies”, published by European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF).

In recent years, European environmental and feminist movements have seen increasing support. Ecofeminist theories and practices are regaining attention with women mobilising against nuclear energy, the destruction of nature or for a feminist perspective in urban planning. The European Green Deal as the main policy framework of the current European Commission and the new European Gender Equality Strategy are strong signals that both environmental protection and gender equality are high up on the von der Leyen Commission’s agenda. Despite the European Union’s declared commitment to gender equality, women are invisible in the EU’s flagship European Green Deal, which risks turning the gender gap into a chasm and delaying the transition to sustainability.

This report maps the gender gaps and opportunities in the EU’s flagship European Green Deal. It explores how, though gender issues affect environmental policies and vice-versa, they are not integrated into the European Green Deal. This publication also provides recommendations on how to move from gender-blind to gender-transformative environmental policies. These include intersectional and gender equal environmental objectives, moving towards a feminist economy of well-being and care and ensuring the use of gender mainstreaming methodologies in environmental policies.

To download the report: Why the European Green Deal Needs Ecofeminism


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