Call for interviews for “Our Common Cause” on feminist movements & struggles

WIDE+ and Jennifer Ramme are seeking further contributions in the aim to making this site a space for a collection of feminist initiatives people can read about.

About the current interviews available
This new series explores women*s’ experiences of resisting a right wing backlash and promoting feminist ideals. Recently published are interviews with the Peace Mothers in Turkey, Kurdistan and Germany, Non Una Di Meno in Italy, Ni Una Menos groups in Mexico and Argentina, Women* Strike activists in Germany and Spain, the first LGBTQI Pride in Tbilisi (Georgia), as well as the work from Insight in Ukraine. The interviews are available at

About the format for the interviews sought 

Interview for a blog entry should be in English and not extend the length of 1000-1500 words (there can be a longer version published additionally as a PDF in original or multiple language versions). The  number of questions might range from 4-8 (question could be for example the goals of the group, their achievements; challenges they currently face; effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on them, topics they think the feminist movement needs to focus on etc.). We would also need an introduction with about 150-250 words, and if possible photo(s) from a protest and/or of the interviewed person or group (with permission from photographer).

We will provide you more information in case you are interested in contributing – please get in touch and write a few words about the group/protest you would like to interview. You can write to info[at], atn: Jennifer Ramme.

Further information abbout the site and the interview series

The site is a collaboration between WIDE+ and the social online-archive Bunt Kobiet. The current series “Our Common Cause” is the result of the work carried out by social movement scholar Jennifer Ramme and her team of students in the context of the seminar on social protests and gender regimes at the European University Viadrina/Collegium Polonicum in 2019 and 2020.

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