WIDE+ and members: Side events during the UN Commission of the Status of Women, 9-20 March 2020, New York, USA

Due to the cancellation of 9 of the 10 days for the UN CSW, and the cancellation of all side and parallel events, all the following meetings are cancelled as well.

WIDE+ is participating, or help co-organising the following side events organized by civil society during the UN Commission of the Status of Women (CSW), taking place in New York, USA, from 9-20 March 2020.

Trading Away Women’s Rights: How Free Trade Has Undermined the BPfA

Tuesday 10 March at 4.30pm, Gender and Trade Coalition

Venue: The Armenian Convention Center Room: Vartan Hall

This event will highlight that, since the BPfA, the reach and depth of trade liberalisation has intensified around the world. However, rather than contributing to the fulfilment of women’s rights in line with Beijing and wider women’s rights commitments – whether access to land, access to decent wok, redressing women’s unequal share of unpaid care and domestic work through access to gender-responsive public services and infrastructure, or ensuring the right to health through affordable medicines – free trade deals and policies often undermine these rights, whilst cementing corporate power and exacerbating existing inequalities within countries and between Global North and Global South. WIDE+ is part of the steering group of the Gender Trade Coalition.

Rebooting the Women’s Economic Empowerment Agenda in the Digital Paradigm

Wednesday 11 March at 16.30, organised by IT for Change in collaboration with DAWN and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Venue Church centre, drew room

The Beijing Declaration and Agenda 2030 acknowledge the critical role that digital technologies can play in opening up new pathways to women’s economic empowerment. So far, the conversation has tended to focus largely on closing the gender divide in access. But in the current context, where digital, platform and data technologies have catalysed a paradigmatic shift in the global economy, we need to move the dialogue beyond empowering access and use cultures, instead examining how we can reclaim the project of feminist economics in this new context. WIDE+ is part of the working group of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung that helped made possible this side event.

Accountability 25 Years On? Valuing women’s work in economic and tax justice policy

Wednesday 11 March, 12.30 – 2.00. Location: FEDCAP, Food Arts Centre, 210 East 43 St, 10017 (between 2nd and 3rd Ave), New York, USA.

The meeting is organised by National Alliance of Women’s Associations (NAWO), Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW), Christian Aid, Make Mothers Matter, Tax Justice Network, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice and WIDE+. For the full announcement: click here.

Reviving Beijing’s neglected macroeconomic agenda: Tax justice for women’s rights 

Friday 13 March, Time: 8:30 AM, Church Center for the United Nations, Drew Room
Organized by Gender & Tax Justice Group (Global Alliance for Tax Justice), of which WIDE (Austria) is a member.

South feminist organizing: accountability and gender justice in South-South Cooperation

This is organized by the BRICS Feminist Watch, of which Priti Darooka is a member (and also WIDE+ member). When: Friday 18 March 2020, at: 10th floor Church centre.

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