Calling for a new economic order during the UNECE State Forum reviewing Beijing+25, October 2019

Gea Meijers, coordinator of WIDE+, spoke on behalf of the Women’s Civil Society Forum during the State Forum of the UNECE, the UN Europe and Central Asian states, review of the Beijing+25, and Sustainable Development Goals+5. The State Forum took place on 29 and 30 October 2019, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Gea Meijers spoke in the panel for addressing the gender pay gap: “If we want to eradicate the gender pay gap, we have to restructure our economic system. We call for a new economic order that is about ‘people, planet and care’. This calls for a systemic overhaul in which we halt extractive capitalism with its priority to create profit, keep on growing beyond our natural resources while being measured with a broken indicator such as GDP.

How can we achieve this? In our envisioned alternative economy the goals of a sustainable well-being economy are translated into indicators, in which progress is rewarded and harmful practices punished”.

Read the interventions on this topic in full: Item-5_-interventions

unece3Gea Meijers (left) with WIDE+ member Kinga Lohmann

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