Use these tools, analysis and toolkits to (help) vote for Feminism in the European Parliament Elections

Do you want to encourage people to go vote the comings days? Do you need to make up your mind? Use these tools, sheets and toolkits to help people to vote for a feminist future!


Toolkit with ready-to-use tweets and posts for a feminist Europe

Join the FEM-EU campaign on twitter (see picture on the right).

To advocate for a feminist Europe and feminist candidates running for the upcoming EU elections, Young Feminist Europe has developed a social media toolkit as part of its “Her Europe Campaign”. The purpose of the toolkit is to help amplify the voices of (young) women on why #EuropeNeedsFeminism and how Europe is important. Feel free to use all the material provided, either by copy pasting or as an inspiration. You can access the toolkit here: toolkit-link, and download the visuals here visuals-link.

Add your support for a Feminist EU in the upcoming elections at Fem_EU2019

Fem_eu2019 is a Catalonian/Spanish initiative for a feminist Europe, with several resources and a campaign to which you can add your voice of support:

Ecofeminist Scorecard of European Parties

Take the temperature of your country’s parties, how ecofeminist are they really? This scorecard shows how the European political groups score on important ecofeminist issues (if they agree, disagree or have no opinion about it). It doesn’t cover everything, but it is a good starting point for you to dig deeper and learn more about issues that matters to you. You can also use the scorecard to measure the national parties in this election more closely, since national parties’ positions might vary from the broad European political group they belong to. The scorecard, with results per grouping, with further information is here:

Endorse & disseminate this petition for a feminist Europe, and vote for a feminist!

Your vote matters! You can make a change in May by voting for a feminist Europe! Sign our petition on @wemoveEU, share it, and mobilise others to do the same. #WomenforEurope (initiated by the European Women’s Lobby). By signing, you commit to voting for women, and for candidates that truly care about women’s rights and will work hard for progress in the  EP.  Link:

Pledge for candidates to sign to stop sexual harassment in the European Parliament

This @MeTooEP pledge calls on all candidates for the European elections to endorse to prevent, combat and report sexual harassment and sexism in the European Parliament and beyond, and to support the victims. Time’s up to end the culture of silence, actively protect workers and fight for the creation of structures to report sexual harassment and sexism. More Information:

Books, blogs, articles and podcasts on Feminism in the European Elections to share

Book: Epidemia Ultra – 2019 – 1ra Ed In Europe

Young Feminist Europe have also developed the following articles and podcasts.
Young women to sweep social democrats back in force, by Alazne Irigoien
Are we done now? Feminism in Europe from a Belgian perspective  by Ine Tollenaers
More women in politics, you can make it happen, by Liang de Beer
Feminist activism in peace and security by Miriam M. Müller
Why voting for a feminist europe will help counteract Italys war on women, by Nicolette Enria
Italy needs a Europe that protects gender equality more than ever, by Chiara Venturini
Fem-Vibes podcast episode 1: Her Europe – EU So Male & Stale!—EU-So-Male–Stale-e3fm0q>
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