WIDE+ and other women’s rights networks promoting push for human rights at 3rd Conference on Financing for Development

WIDE+ as a member of The Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development (WWG on FfD) is taking part in the activities during the International Conference on Financing for Development that closes on 16 July in Addis Ababa. The formal high level meeting took place from 13 to 16 July, 2015. Before that there was a CSO forum on 11 and 12 July and the Women’s forum happened on 10 July.

A full report and analysis will be placed later at the WIDE+ site. In the meantime, please see these very interesting documents:

Agenda of the Women’s Forum, 10 July, Addis Ababa

Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development most updated reaction to the 7 July daft Addis Ababa Action Agenda and Key Messages:Women Working Group Reaction to the Addis Action Agenda_13July_clean_v 2

A brief publication explaining the issues and contexts of the Financing for Development process (in English, French and Spanish): Financing for Development made simple, French Financing for Development made simple, Espanol Financing for Development made simple

Publication by PWESCR “Financing for Development: Addis Ababa and Beyond- Feminist Perspective from the Global South”

We should look at the development challenges in a holistic manner. And te gendered division of labour, particularly unpaid work and gender-based labour market segregation, is not addressed properly in current discussions on FfD. As women carry the burden of poverty in and out of the households in the whole of global South, FfD needs to take women onboard in order to achieve financial development for the household, community, country and eventually, the entire region. The reach and efficiency of human rights instruments are limited by the non-scrutiny and unaccountability of various actors involved in larger macroeconomic policy decisions.


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