“Fierce, Fair and Unfair Competition: the EU-China trade and its gender implications”, Updated Version, Christa Wichterich, WIDE June 2008

This report on the EU-China partnership and co-operation relations comes in a series of political analysis of EU trade agreements with countries in the South from a gendered perspective. China remains to a large extent a blind spot in the gendered analysis of neoliberal globalization. Only a few in-depth studies on women workers in export production have been published recently. In particular, the service sector and care economies are unknown territories which are, however, being increasingly affected by transnational trade regimes.

This is the revised and updated version of a paper written at the beginning of 2007, which will hopefully contribute to a constructive dialogue between CSO and policymakers in the EU. Transnational democratic spaces have to be opened for voices and resistance which link gender justice and global economic justice. To Download WIDE EU CHINA – FINAL 2008