Feminist Visions for a Just Europe

WIDE Annual Conference Report 2008: “Feminist Visions for a Just Europe”.

In 2008 WIDE held its ´Conference on Feminist Visions for a Just Europe´ at the Peace Palace in The Hague, hosted by WO=MEN, the WIDE Dutch Gender Platform. The conference examined Europe´s role in the world, viewed through the lens of women´s rights, development and gender justice. Increasingly finance-led development, growing inequality and deepening ecological crisis makes it critical that European women working in development ensure that Europe contributes responsibly to the creation of a new, just and peaceful world order. The WIDE Annual Conference reflected on what role feminists and networks such as WIDE need to play in this process. The focus was on existing European policies for decent work and living conditions for women worldwide in a context of globalisation, feminisation and informalisation of labour, migration and changing aid structures. The conference analysed, strategised and debated not only these current policies but also the feminist alternatives that are emerging in the West, South and East that must shape a feminist approach to global social and economic justice.The report highlights the presentations of key note speakers, as well as discussions in plenary and paralell sessions.

You can access the annual conference report by clicking WIDEfinal2008.

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