Call for proposals to do a brief research report around (gendered) intersectional discrimination in online hiring

WIDE+ as part of the FINDHR project and consortium, a multidisciplinary project funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe (grant agreement 101070212) and coordinated by Universitat Pompeu Fabra – ETIC., is seeking proposals to complete a short-term consultancy on discrimination affecting marginalized groups in the European labor market in the context of online (algorithmic) hiring.

FINDHR is seeking proposals for three expert reports, which should be completed by the end of November 2023. 

Experts can be academic researchers, or other professionals with research experience (understood in a broad sense), including civil society activists and policymakers. We seek experts who have a deep understanding and experience of working with marginalized and/or underrepresented group(s) in Europe and who are used to working with an intersectional perspective. We expect an element of fieldwork in any kind of format to be part of the proposal. This fieldwork could be (among other things), participatory action research, focus groups, surveys, and/or interviews, online and face-to-face.

The reports are meant to inform FINDHR consortium partners and a larger audience involved in anti-discrimination efforts, policies and practices related to algorithmic hiring, such as researchers on fairness, accountability, transparency, regulation, and ethics of algorithms, product managers and technical development staff in recruitment companies and job search portals, human resources experts, policymakers, worker representatives, and civil society actors. This means that reports can help formulate recommendations relevant to stakeholders.

The amount available per report is 20.000 Euros. A wide spectrum of proposals will be considered. We will expect experts who have both creativity and interest to present innovative ideas: 

  • One example could be focusing on researching a particular intersection in the type of discrimination people face in the (online) hiring practices of the labor market when belonging to a particular group, such as migrant and refugee women.
  • Another example could be a proposal that includes interviews in focus groups with relevant experts from discriminated groups to develop and propose an intersectional feminist approach to online hiring.

The Deadline is 7 June at midnight, 2023. The full announcement is available at: and

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