WIDE+ Call for Volunteers to Promote Feminist Economic Justice

WIDE+ Call for Volunteers to Promote Feminist Economic Justice

Join us if you:

  • Believe equality, justice and sustainable development are only possible if we eradicate inequalities and discriminations between different groups of men, women, and other genders, in Europe and the Global South.
  • Believe you can make a difference by raising awareness, advocating and raising your voice to European policymakers, other civil society groups and the general public.
  • Want to be part of a team and network to strive for transformative feminist change.

WIDE+ has a new youth volunteering project that you can join. This volunteering project allows you to train and learn more about feminism, advocacy and campaigning. It will allow you to work together with volunteers from across Europe and in the second part of the project, you can also collaborate with volunteers from Palestine and Morocco. You are invited to join one of the WIDE+ working groups and in addition receive additional training and exchange opportunities.

More about this volunteering opportunity:
The volunteering project is for one year, starting from March 2023. 

  • The volunteering programme provides for two face-to-face meetings and several online training sessions. The first meeting will take place from 20-23 March 2023. The second meeting will be in September in Spain. 
  • You will be invited to join one of WIDE+ working groups. Groups meet generally once per month or per two months. For an overview of the working groups: https://wideplus.org/current-projects/.
  • You will engage in two (online) campaigning projects. As part of the project in a team of up to ten young volunteers, you will do a campaigning project together in the first part of the year towards European policymakers and in the second part of the project you will work together with up to 40 youth to conduct a joint online campaign.

What can you expect in terms of time and engagement: 

  • Monthly online meetings (1-2 per month). Next to the face-to-face meetings and several online trainings, there will be 1 or 2 meetings that will be no more than 1 – 2 hours. 
  • One day per month of time investment, spread across the month. There will be regular online exchanges to support the work involved in the project and time investment is also flexible to your agenda. In addition, you will join the two face-to-face meetings.

 We are looking for volunteers who: 

  • Can communicate effectively in English.
  • Are between 18 to 30 years old.
  • If you answered ‘YES’ to the statements above. 
  • Can commit for one year to actively participate in the programme, with monthly online meetings. 
  • Can travel to Spain and Belgium (visa requirements can be discussed later). 

Participation in this programme is free. For the in-person meeting, travel, accommodation and food will be covered by the programme. This project is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

Apply for this programme at this form here. If you have questions on this project, contact Nurhidayah Hassan at hassan@gmail.com.

More about the project:
This volunteering opportunity is part of a transnational project of which WIDE+ is a partner. The project, titled CB4VOL, is an ERASMUS project that aims to promote the participation of youth in their local communities and to improve awareness and knowledge about gender equality and inclusion. The goal is to encourage young people to be active and engaged citizens, through the development of advocacy, campaigning, and networking skills and experience. CB4VOL is a partnership of 4 organisations, namely, Association Asticude in Nador, Morocco; YWCA of Palestine in Palestine; WIDE+ in Brussels, Belgium; and Alianza-Actionaid in Madrid, Spain. 

More about WIDE+ and volunteering options:
There are other volunteering options as well with WIDE+. People can join one of our working groups as volunteers or join the network as a member. WIDE+ is a European network of feminist activists, scholars, and women’s rights organisations that reaches out to 300 associations, through its national membership-based networks and organisations across Europe. It promotes women’s rights by analyzing the systemic causes of inequality and advocating for transformative change. WIDE+ comes from a collaboration between feminists in the global South and feminist economists spanning close to 40 years. In the last 10 years WIDE+ has been able to connect this global expertise with feminist activism in Europe.


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