WIDE+ Resource Guide “Including Gender Equality in Youth Volunteerism: Tips, Concepts, and Methodologies”

This resource guide provides a brief contextualisation and introduction into including a gender equality perspective into youth volunteerism. It give references and examples to go deeper into the topic that can be of aid for any one setting up a volunteer project of programme on gender inclusion with young people. And young people in this guide is roughly taken as between 18 and 30 years of age, following the EU definition for youth while excluding minors. There are specific responsibilities for adult workers when working with underage volunteers, which is best addressed at another moment.

CB4VOL_Training on Gender Mainstreaming

This resource guide is structured into four sections, each providing a selection of references and questions that can help someone or a team to get started or improve its plan through reflection. The provided information doesn’t pretend to be exhaustive, but with all links given, we believe it will give the reader the opportunity to come to a sufficient understanding of the issues at hand.

The first section focuses on ho to attract and keep engaged youth volunteers. The second section provides insights on how to attract youth volunteers on objectives around gender equality. The third section aims to provide a basic introduction in the gender concepts with the aim to create an understanding that different concepts have also different end goals on what to achieve around ‘gender’. It includes a brief glossary for concepts based on those provided by multilateral institutions. The last section is a feminist trainers for trainers section.

This resource guide is developed for the project: “Across borders: strengthening youth volunteering to fight for gender equality and social inclusion”, which acronym CB4VOL. This project is allowing four partner associations to work for the first time together as consortium, consisting of Asticude in Nora, Morocco, YWCA in Jerusalem, Israel, Alianza por Solidaridad in Madrid, Spain, and WIDE+ in Brussels, Belgium. As four partners we are working towards achieving CB4VOL’s main objective is to strengthen the capacity of the four partner organisations to develop volunteering programmes and to promote youth participation in their local communities with an increased awareness and knowledge about gender equality and inclusion.

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