“We have a lot to fight for”, interview with young activist Dagmara Adamiak from Szczecin, Poland

As part of a project titled, “Miteinander Reden”, here is a new series of interviews with activists from the German-Polish border regions, discussing the problem of social divides in the societies we live in. This video launches the project and features an interview with a young activist Dagmara Adamiak from Szczecin, Poland.

Adamiak works for women’s rights and LGBTQ* people and runs the RÓWNiE foundation. She is active in local politics. In this interview, Adamiak talks about how she perceives social divisions in Poland and how “freedom is taken away piece by piece.” She also shares what motivated her to get involved socially and politically, and what gives her the strength to continue.

The project is a collaboration between OWEN e.v., Paula Panke, and the Social Unrest Archive. You can find out more on this link: www.facebook.com/SocialUnrestArchiv

Coming up in the series of interviews are activists such as Maeva Topolska and Sasha Filonowicz (Queer nad Odra, FFO-Slubice Pride) and Slawomira Wlaczewska (Fundacja Efka, Krakow/Berlin). The interviews will be available in Polish, Russian and English.

Another project by Social Unrest Archive which is supported by WIDE+,  OUR COMMON CAUSE also documents feminist and LGBTQI* initiatives and movements in various countries and regions by asking the people involved about their struggles and visions. Even though the interviews highlight the diversity of perspectives and challenges people face, the aim is to show the many similarities in these struggles. The dream of a better world for all is what connects them in OUR COMMON CAUSE
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