Video of Online Seminar available: ”Intersectional gender mainstreaming in policy making”, held on 27 January 2022

Link to the video

An intersectional approach has been introduced in public policy making. In this session we will discuss examples, dilemmas, challenges, like: ‘how can we gather data from an intersectional approach?’, ’what are common pitfalls when policy makers aim to introduce an intersectional approach, learning from the common limitations of a gender mainstreaming approach?’, and: ’how do we deal with power relations between marginalized groups and policy makers or researchers?’.

This event is the last of the series with 4 online seminars on Intersectional Feminisms, providing concrete ideas on how to work with an intersectional approach in feminist activism and public policy.

With as speakers: Sabrina Saase, Moana Genevey and Dr. Patricia Muñoz-Cabrera and as moderator: Gisela Dütting.

Presentation slides by Sabrina Saase

Full Bio of the Speakers

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