Web Seminar: “Racism, Classism and Gender discrimination intersectional feminist approach in strategy and analysis”, 16 November 2021, 1.00-3.00 PM CET

There are strategic and analytical challenges combining different intersections into a framework of policy and action. The intersectional feminist approach came from black feminists not being represented in feminist movements. This dynamic bears a striking resemblance with a lot of examples of feminist demands struggling being heard in movements promoting economic equality between different classes.

 This web-seminar will reflect how an intersectional approach can be build that connects anti-racism and gender equality with reducing economic inequality and precarity.

This webseminar will be in English with Spanish and French interpretation. 



Eleonora Roldán Mendívil is a political scientist, educator and journalist based in Germany. She is a doctoral candidate with the University of Kassel, Department for Development and Postcolonial Studies and is currently teaching at the University of Potsdam and the University of Vienna. She works on racism, sexism, social origin / class, empowerment of marginalized communities and historical education from the margins.”

Vashti Rebong, is an intersectional transfeminist from the Philippines, who is an advocate for gender-transformative sexual and reproductive health especially for trans and gender-expansive youth. Rebong currently leads the “Forging Intersectional Feminist Futures (FIFF)” at International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific. Previously Vashti worked as consultant and teacher at the University of the Philippines and in the Global Fund ACER project.

Farah Salka is a feminist activist based in Lebanon. She is the Executive Director of the Anti-Racism Movement and works on organizing with migrant communities, asylum seekers and mostly domestic workers and on issues of racism, discrimination and labour rights. She is involved with the Migrant Community Center(s) and is a Human Rights Education Adviser and Trainer.

Ruth Pión,  is an Afro-Caribbean activist and co-founder of the anti-racist and decolonial collective Junta de Prietas. She is a social researcher in anthropology & gender,
specialised in qualitative data collection and analysis. Through a decolonial and anti-racist approach and methodology she researches the preservation of local resistance memories at Caribbean Institute for Decolonial Thought & Research. She is also in charge of the Public Archaeology programme of “Nuestra Señora de Monte-Alegre” project.


Jelena Lenggenhager works as an educator and has a lot of experience in moderating events, including with WIDE+ and WIDE Switzerland. As board member to WIDE Switzerland and caucus member to WIDE+ she engages in the strategic development of both networks, focusing on topics linked to intersectional feminism, such as promotion of migrant women rights.



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