OWINFS Statement supported by WIDE+ calling for transformation of global trade system

In the 25 years of its existence, World Trade Organization (WTO) has failed to deliver development, promote shared prosperity, or ensure sustainability in trade. Unfortunately, neoliberal advocates are defending – and trying to expand – the corporate globalization embodied in the WTO.  But as the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the lethal impact of WTO rules protecting corporations at the right of human health, the solution is not more corporate globalization.

The WTO will convene its 12th Ministerial Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, November 30 – December 3, 2021. Civil society must deliver a strong, visionary message about the need for a fundamental transformation of the existing system. Outlining 10 demands, members and allies of the global civil society network, Our World is Not for Sale (OWINFS), sign a collective statement to call for a global trade system that is sustainable, socially just, democratic and accountable.

Read the statement signed by over 200 organizations, including WIDE+ through the gender and trade working group: OWINFS WTO Statement 2021-09-27.ENG

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