Webinar: A Gender Just Trade Policy and the EU-Mercosur Agreement, ENG/ESP, 5.00 PM CET, 21 April

Webinar: “A Gender Just Trade Policy and the EU-Mercosur Agreement”

English and Spanish, 5.00-7.00 PM Central European Time, 21 April

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The current draft of the EU-Mercosur agreement includes the common features of a European multilateral free trade agreement, with elements that are expected to harm nature, farmers in different continents and decent livelihoods for indigenous communities. It’s impacts on gender inequalities are not often discussed. This webinar will reflect what a gender just trade policy would entail for the EU-Mercosur agreement and where it falls short.

After a two decade long negotiation, the European Commission concluded talks with the Mercosur countries -Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay- into a deal that has been contested ever since, by the European Parliament and several of the parliaments of the EU member states.

This webinar will offer simultaneous interpretation in English and Spanish. This webinar is organized by WIDE+ and the Gender Trade Coalition, in collaboration with Seattle2Brussels.d several of the parliaments of the EU member states.

Moderator: Edmé Dominguez, School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University, Sweden, board member GADIP and WIDE+

Graciela Rodriguez, instituto equit, Brazil, member of Gender Trade Coalition.
Bettina Müller, Powershift, Germany, and member of Seattle2Brussels.
Alma Espino, Institute of Economics, University of the Republic, Uruguay, UDELAR and CIEDUR

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