Video and slides available of Webinar: “authoritarian regimes using COVID19 to curb civic rights, labour standards and women’s rights”, 10 March, 2021

  • Biographies of the speakers.
  • Jennifer Ramme spoke on the Polish state’s attack on and curtailing of women’s sexual and reproductive rights, its anti-feminism and re-traditionalisation of gender roles in the framework of familism.
  • Roxana Calderon covered the further militarisation and the instrumentalisation of women to cope with social tensions and social costs in El Salvador: Slides.
  • Kartika Manurung talked about the new labour, taxation and land grabbing laws in Indonesia that were pushed during COVID while criminalizing protests, and the re-traditionalization of gender roles that has also impacts on sexual and reproductive rights: Slides.
  • Roslyn Mould spoke about the ways in which in Ghana LGBT+ Community and activism has been affected during this pandemic: Slides.