Announcement Webinar “The women’s strike in Poland as a feminist strategy for change”, Friday 15 January 6 PM CET

Activists from the women’s movements in Poland will in this webinar reflect on the strike as a feminist strategy that serves as a powerful example for other women’s rights defenders on the political action we can mobilize.

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• What social changes can women attain in the current context and potentially in the future?
• What are the ingredients for persuading people to participate massively in the protests, especially in attracting young generations?
• What are strategies for the long term and for political action, e.g. proposal for a national referendum, the current council with government, etc.?
• How can we build alliances across issues and groups, such as with those addressing the priviliged position of the church in Poland?


  • Marysia Swietlik, All-Poland’s Women’s Strike adv. council (national level).
    Maria Świpolitical is a anthropologist and human rights activist. She is a member of a counselling body supporting All-Poland Women’s Strike (Rada Konsultacyjna Ogólnopolskiego Strajku Kobiet) and National Committee of Workers’ Initiative Union (OZZ Inicjatywa Pracownicza).
  • Dobri, Poland Women‘s Strike at local level
    Dobri is an anarcha-feminist activist from a small town near Warsaw engaged -amongst others- in apostasy (separation from the Catholic church) and LGBTQ* support groups.
  • Kamila Ferenc, Federation of Women and Family Planning
    Kamila Ferenc is a lawyer at the Federation of Women and Family Planning. She has been involved, among others, in the women’s collective complaint to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg against the Polish ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal on abortion.
  • Jennifer Ramme, European University Viadrina/Collegium Polonicum
    Jennifer Ramme is a researcher on feminist movements and far right sexual politics (at European University Viadrina/Collegium Polonicum). She is also engaged in the social archive project Bunt Kobiet, WIDE+ member and occasionally an activist.

The moderator of this session is Silke Steinhilber, research and evaluation consultant and trainer capacity development for gender equality, globally and across Eastern Europe.

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