Background interview and actions from member Jennifer Ramme on the Polish’s women’s protest for access to abortion.

Poland’s political party PiS are once again trying to criminalize abortion, this time -most likely through their interventions- the constitutional court has banned abortion almost completely. WIDE+ is in solidarity with the huge protests by many people in Poland and in Europe (see for example the letter we supported earlier this year: link to letter).

We would like to share this initiative from WIDE+ member Jennifer Ramme about recent protests in Berlin: video.

She also recently published, as part of the COMMON Causes series, about the history of abortion protests in Poland. This interview with Malgorzata Tarasiewicz tells about how the Solidarnosc trade union delegalized their women section after the women workers spoke up for their rights and opposed the abortion ban.

solidarity trade union delegalized their workers women section 30 years ago

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