New publication available: Strengthening Innovative Solutions to Protect Female Migrant and Refugee Rights

Download: WIDEOSFmigrationpub2020

This new publication provides innovative solutions and lessons learned from a transnational collaboration among national migrant feminist associations and groups across Europe. It provides inspirational and relevant examples of practices we have encountered and good practice we have developed in our joint project of migrant feminists and other feminists. The reports shows how it is possible to promote and protect the rights of migrant women, which includes refugee, undocumented and other women that have been on the move between countries.

This project lead to three main lessons that are elaborated in the report:

  1. There are many good examples of migrant feminist work that we can learn from. Learning transnationally gives us a completely new dimension.
  2. Building a transnational, migrant feminist movement in Europe is both needed and possible, and we can tell you how it can be done.
  3. We need many more opportunities to exchange our work at European level and migrant feminists need to be more often included in dialogue with politicians and media.

covermigrationpublicationThis collaboration came about through the joint project: “Strengthening Innovative Solutions to Protect Female Migrant and Refugee Rights”, that started at the beginning of 2018 and ended in November 2019. We worked together, coordinated by the European network WIDE+, with partners that included networks of local migrant groups, associations that provide services to migrant, refugee and trafficked women and girls, and associations with a mixed membership of migrant feminist and other internationally focused feminist groups. The national coordinators were: in Spain, Calala Fund, Mujeres con voz and Red de Mujeres Latinoamericanas y del Caribe en Espana (RED); in Serbia, Atina; in  Denmark, K.U.L.U. Women and Development;  and in Sweden, GADIP.

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