Feminists Speak Truth to Power in the Beijing+ 25 review: Building a coalition on economic rights and tax justice

Coordinator Gea Meijers has on behalf of WIDE+ collaborated in preparing a progressive feminist economic agenda for the 25 years review of the Beijing Platform for Action with other feminist networks and associations: Feminists speak truth to power in Beijing review, paper 1 Feb 2020

The paper aims to bring together key measures needed to transform our current macro-economic policies, ranging from addressing trade and tax policies, labour rights, and critically addressing the role of companies within the UN system. It is structured around the following topics:

  1. addressing fundamental barriers built into the current economic structures and the neo-liberal model;
  2. fixing the failures of our democratic governance that gives in to the privilege of transnational companies and;
  3. dealing with an outdated and broken international tax system and financial architecture which facilitates illicit financial flows and fails to provide enough revenues for sustainable development.

The aim of the agenda is to promote and develop an informal coalition to set and make visible such progressive feminist economic agenda towards the Beijing+25 review and beyond.

A painting on wall in Spain taken by Red Dot, http://www.design-factory.co.uk, at: unsplash.com

About the agenda prepared:
The proposals came from the regional review in Northern America, Europe and Central Asia of the Beijing+25 agenda and 5 years Sustainable Development Goals.

The following people from different networks across Europe and Canada prepared this document: Prabha Khosla, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW); Liz Nelson, Tax Justice Network; Gea Meijers, Women In Development Europe+, (WIDE+); Valerie Bichelmeier, Make Mothers Matter; Marianna Leite, Christian Aid; and Zarin Hainsworth, National Alliance of Women’s Organizations, NAWO.

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