New (Dutch) publication from WIDE+, WO=MEN, Action Aid and Both Ends on how through trade policy women have become a bargain deal for large transnational companies

This publication addresses the connections between the international trade policy of the Netherlands and gender equality and women’s rights, through analyzing how this policy is benefiting large (transnational) companies that can make use of women’s labour and environmental resources of indigenous communities at little cost to the companies.

The publication titled: “Vrouwen in International Handel; een koopje. Een advies aan overheid en bedrijsleven over gendergelijkheid in handels- en investeringsverdragen” provides recommendations for policy makers, CEO’s of companies and civil society on what needs to happen to make gender equality and respect for women’s rights a full reality through the international trade policy.

The publication is the result of a collaboration initiated and coordinated by the WO=MEN, the Dutch Gender Platform in collaboration with the Action Aid the Netherlands, Both Ends and WIDE+. It is in Dutch, but an English version will be made available at a later stage.

To read and download: Wo=men_Vrouwen in Internationale handel, een koopje